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Customer Comments:

...The chairs are beautiful, wood was perfect, everything fit well and they're unbelievably comfortable to sit in...
Pittman, NJ



Our furniture is handcrafted in the Adirondacks or Canada.  Edges have been sanded off and chairs are ready for your stain or paint.  

Furniture comes with zinc plated screws and carriage bolts to resist rust. C Furniture is shipped partially assembled from the manufacturer in Northern New York or Canada. For most of our pieces, we've already attached the slats to the seat backs and bottoms... All you need to do is pour yourself a cool drink, grab a 1/2" wrench and a Phillips head screwdriver and connect the seat back, bottom, arms, and legs. All the bolt and screw holes are pre-drilled. (We also include instructions, to make it even easier to assemble.) 

So give us a try. Kick back and do some Adirondack style relaxing in the most comfortable Adirondack furniture ever designed.

  • Our furniture is designed with either 1" or 5/4" wood; closely spaced, narrow slats; and traditional wide Adirondack armrests, so you enjoy hours of comfort.

  • Our furniture is not mass-produced on an assembly line.  Each piece is handcrafted.

  • Our products are made from durable, quality selected woods.

  • Our products are secured with zinc-plated hardware to resist rust.

  • Our chairs are hand sanded and edges of all our seat and back slats and arms are rounded, so you dont have sharp edges or corners cutting into your Adirondack comfort.

  • Our Adirondack furniture is unfinished, so you get to choose the final appearance of your furniture. To protect it and extend its life, you must apply a finish as soon as possible. See Care for more information.

  • Our products are partially assembled before we ship them to you (except where noted), so its easy for you to do the final assembly. On most of our products weve already attached the slats to the seat backs and bottoms. All you need to do is connect the seat back, bottom, arms, and legs. All bolt and screw holes are predrilled. Instructions and hardware come with all of our products. All you need is a wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, and a cool drink.

  • We ship for free throughout the continental United States.

  • We back everything we sell with a warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Wood Types

Our pine furniture is made of northern white pine harvested from sustainable managed forests located within the Adirondack Park.  White pine is a strong,  yet extremely light and durable wood.  Pine chairs offer a great value due to the abundance of the wood.  Properly sealed, you can expect years of comfort and enjoyment from an inexpensive pine product.

Northern White Cedar
Cedar is a fantastic value that provides a lifetime of enjoyment.  An stain/sealant should be applied to enhance the natural rot resistance of the wood.  Left unstained, cedar will weather to a silvery gray color.  You can choose to use a Clear Coat sealant to allow the natural aging process to occur.  The wood is extremely light and very strong.  Cedar is rather unaffected by humidity, making it a natural choice for outdoor furniture. 

Both cedar and pine are prone to checking, a process whereby shrinking wood will show splits.  You may notice this in overhead beams, that show splits.  This is not a defect and does not undermine the strength of the wood, but is a natural process.